Marciano Testa

Founder and CEO of Agibank, Brazil

With a strong background in Economics, tech enthusiast and selftaught entrepreneur Marciano Testa is the founder and CEO of Agibank, a Brazilian digital bank whose purpose is to make people’s life better and to promote the financial inclusion of nearly 60 million Brazilians from emerging classes who live on the margins of the traditional banking model. Working as a tech company with a banking license, Agibank was dubbed the “WhatsApp of the Banks” when it became the first bank in the world to turn a cellphone number into a checking account – meaning anyone with a smartphone could have an account. With a full product portfolio the bank also offers innovative payment solutions along with their digital account for about one million users, who are able to make payments through QR Code, P2P or P2B, directly on a smartphone, without any fees, machines, intermediaries, or delay.